Fargesia nitida ~ Blue Fountain Bamboo - Delivered By ServeScape
Fargesia nitida ~ Blue Fountain Bamboo-ServeScape
Fargesia nitida ~ Blue Fountain Bamboo-ServeScape
Fargesia nitida ~ Blue Fountain Bamboo-ServeScape

Blue Fountain Bamboo

Fargesia nitida

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Blue Fountain Bamboo is a non-invasive clumping bamboo with hollow blue-grey to dark purple stems with distinctive nodes.  The culms support the delicate looking fountain like plums of light green foliage year round.  Grows best with afternoon shade in Southern climates and moist well-drained soils.  Blue Fountain may have difficultly in high heat/humidity summers.


Orn. Grass


12' - 15'


3' - 5'



USDA Hardiness Zone: 

5 - 9


Full SunPart Sun

Bloom Color: 


Season of Interest: 


MAINTENANCE NEEDS:  Low maintenance plant.  Aphids, spider mites, mealybugs, and scale are occasional problems.  

LANDSCAPE USES: Accents or Group PlantingsBordersNaturalized AreasWoodland GardenRock Garden, Foundation Plantings, and containers. 

COMPANION PLANTS: Japanese Maple, Azalea, Lily of the Valley

IMAGES: Stan ShebsFargesia nitida 1CC BY-SA 3.0, (2) Photo by David J. Stang, Fargesia nitida 1zzCC BY-SA 4.0 (3) Andrey Zharkikh2012.04.30_18.20.03_CIMG7213, (4) Quinn DombrowskiFountain Bamboo

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