Platanus x acerifolia 'Bloodgood' ~ Bloodgood London Planetree-ServeScape
Platanus x acerifolia 'Bloodgood' ~ Bloodgood London Planetree-ServeScape
Platanus x acerifolia 'Bloodgood' ~ Bloodgood London Planetree-ServeScape
Platanus x acerifolia 'Bloodgood' ~ Bloodgood London Planetree-ServeScape

Bloodgood London Planetree

Platanus x acerifolia 'Bloodgood'

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The Bloodgood London Planetree, also known as the London Plane or Platanus x acerifolia 'Bloodgood,' is a popular tree known for its attractive features. Here's what you need to know about it:

  1. Appearance: The Bloodgood London Planetree is a large, deciduous tree that can reach heights of 70-100 feet (21-30 meters) with a spread of 50-80 feet (15-24 meters). It has a broad, rounded canopy with distinctive exfoliating bark that reveals patches of cream, green, and brown. The leaves are large, maple-like, and deep green in color, turning yellow-brown in the fall.

  2. Growth: This tree has a fast growth rate, making it an excellent choice for quickly establishing shade in landscapes. It is known for its ability to tolerate urban conditions, including pollution and compacted soil.

  3. Landscape Use: The Bloodgood London Planetree is commonly used as a shade tree in parks, large gardens, and along streets. Its attractive bark and large leaves make it a visually appealing choice for many landscapes.




P. occidentalis x P. orientalis


55' - 65'


20' - 40'



USDA Hardiness Zone: 

4 - 8


Full Sun

Bloom Color: 

Green(male), Red(female)

Season of Interest: 


MAINTENANCE NEEDS:  High Maintenance.  Water regularly. A messy tree with leaf, bark and fruit litter.  Cankerstain is a concern that can be fatal. Anthracnose, leaf spot, canker, and powdery mildew may occur.  Pests include Japanese beetles, borers, scale, and mites.

LANDSCAPE USES: Specimen or mass plantings, Naturalized Areas,  Shade Tree, and Screening.

COMPANION PLANTS: Hosta, Coral Bells, Hydrangea

IMAGES: Photo by David J. Stang, Platanus x acerifolia Bloodgood 2zzCC BY-SA 4.0, (2) Sheila Sund from Salem, United States, Bark (8425283185)CC BY 2.0

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