Juniperus virginiana 'Pendula' ~ Weeping Red Cedar-ServeScape
Juniperus virginiana 'Pendula' ~ Weeping Red Cedar-ServeScape

Weeping Red Cedar

Juniperus virginiana 'Pendula'

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The Weeping Red Cedar has a distinctive cascading form, with branches that drape down and create a beautiful, flowing effect. It typically grows to a height of about 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 meters) with a spread of 6 to 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 meters). The foliage consists of flat, scale-like leaves that are dark green in color and retain their color throughout the year.

This cedar variety is often used as a focal point in the landscape, as it adds a touch of elegance and drama. It can be planted as a specimen tree or incorporated into a mixed border or rock garden. The Weeping Red Cedar prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil.

In terms of care, the Weeping Red Cedar is relatively low-maintenance. It is drought-tolerant once established and does not require regular pruning. However, occasional pruning can be done to maintain its shape or remove any dead or damaged branches.




Eastern N. America; GA Native


5' - 15'


5' - 10'



USDA Hardiness Zone: 

3 - 9


Full Sun

Bloom Color: 


Season of Interest:  


MAINTENANCE NEEDS:  Low Maintenance.  Junipers are generally susceptible to blights, especially in unusually wet weather.  

LANDSCAPE USES:  Accents or Group Plantings, BordersRock GardensPrivacy ScreenWindbreaker

COMPANION PLANTS:  Maiden Grass, Russian Sage, Barberry

IMAGE: Photo by David J. Stang, Juniperus virginiana Pendula 1zzCC BY-SA 4.0 , (2)Photo by David J. Stang, Juniperus virginiana Pendula 0zzCC BY-SA 4.0

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