Buddleia ‘Tobudmidni’ ~ Buzz™ Midnight Butterfly Bush-ServeScape
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Buddleia ‘Tobudmidni’ ~ Buzz™ Midnight Butterfly Bush-ServeScape

Buddleia ‘Tobudmidni’

Buzz™ Midnight Butterfly Bush

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**Dormancy Note - This plant is currently dormant for the winter! It is available for purchase! Your delivered plant may be dormant, or showing very little top growth. However, you can still plant! These plants are putting all their energy into root production, so they will be ready to thrive in the spring! If you have any issues with your plant the following peak season, you can fill out our return request form to request a replacement plant.

Buzz Midnight Butterfly Bush is a compact dwarf shrub with an upright arching branches and vibrantly colored blooms.  The dense grey-green foliage is topped by panicles of deep blue-purple flowers that bloom through summer and sometimes continues until the first frost, attracting bees and butterflies.  Remove faded flower heads to encourage continued bloom  Drought tolerant. 




3’ - 5’ 


3’ - 5’ 



USDA Hardiness Zone: 

5 - 9


Full Sun

Bloom Color: 


Season of Interest: 


MAINTENANCE NEEDS:  Low maintenance plant.  Tolerant of most soils, except wet ones. 

LANDSCAPE USES:  Accents or Group Plantings, BordersWildlife GardensRock GardensFoundation Plantings, Hedges, and Container

COMPANION PLANTS: Coneflower, Bluebeard, Daylily

IMAGES:  Joanna Boisse, Atlas roslin pl Budleja Davida 7192 9524CC BY-SA 4.0, (2) Sebastian Rittau20140901 Admiral auf Flieder 0004CC BY 4.0(3) Terry LucasSpring Butterfly (104766939)CC BY 3.0, (4) Photoset by Plant HavenBuddleja BUZZ™ Midnight

*As plants have ranges in appearance they may not appear as the images shown.

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