Begonia 'Basket Case' ~ Basket Case Begonia-ServeScape
Begonia 'Basket Case' ~ Basket Case Begonia-ServeScape
Begonia 'Basket Case' ~ Basket Case Begonia-ServeScape

Basket Case Begonia

Begonia 'Basket Case'

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Basket Case Begonia is a petite perennial with a mounding habit and trailing stems sporting deep bronze foliage.  The loose clusters of small pink flowers bloom in mid summer into fall.  Flowers best in bright indirect sun and rich, moist well-drained soils.  Basket Case is powdery mildew resistant.



Light Requirements:

Medium to Bright Indirect Light. 

Watering Schedule: 

Water Every 5-10 Days

Growth Habit:


Bloom Color: 


Soil Type:

Well-Draining Soil

Pet Friendly:

No.  Low Toxicity.  Toxic to Both Pets and Humans if Ingested.

MAINTENANCE: Low maintenance.  Keep soils consistently moist and allow top soil to partly dry out between watering.  Use a slow release fertilizer, and  diluted liquid fertilizer at half strength every 2 wks in spring.  Increase watering to every 3-5 in summers.

PLANT NERD TIPS: If you notice light or bleached flowers, it's a sign of sun damage.  move your plant to a place with less direct light. However if the flower stems look leggy or reaching then it needs more direct light. 

Browning is a sign of overwatering.  When watering water at the soil and avoid the leaves to prevent the growth or spread of powdery mildew. 

IMAGES: Photo by Bill BarberBarbers' Garden, July 2008: Fibrous Begonia, (2) Photo by Itsauls, Basket Case Begonia

*As plants have ranges in appearance they may not appear as the images shown.

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