Zamio Zamioculcas ~ ZZ Plant-ServeScape
Zamio Zamioculcas ~ ZZ Plant-ServeScape
Zamio Zamioculcas ~ ZZ Plant-ServeScape

ZZ Plant

Zamio Zamioculcas

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Zamio Zamioculcas or 'ZZ Plant' are succulent-like houseplants with dark green waxy leaves and thick stalks.  ZZs are as hardy as they come.  They're very drought resistant and can acclimate to most lighting conditions. 



Light Requirements:

Medium - Bright Indirect Light

Watering Schedule: 

~2-3 weeks

Growth Habit:


Bloom Color:


Soil Type:

Well-draining Soil 

Pet Friendly:


MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Low Maintenance. ZZ plants are very drought tolerant, so air on the side of underwatering.

PLANT NERD TIPS:   ZZ plants are often marketed as low light plants.   While they can handle lower-light settings, they'll grow faster and stay healthier with a bright light setting (they can even handle some direct sunlight)


*As plants have ranges in appearance they may not appear as the images shown.

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