Your Guide to ServeScape's Designer Marketplace

Just like the inside of your home, you want a beautiful landscape to reflect your unique style on the outside. 

But tackling a landscape design project on your own can be daunting. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices in a retail garden store, and picking an Atlanta landscape designer can also be difficult and costly. 

To solve this problem, ServeScape created the Designer Marketplace – a platform curating the best landscape design professionals working and living in the Atlanta area. 

What is the ServeScape Designer Marketplace?

The Designer Marketplace platform allows you to select easily from a list of expert landscape designers, landscape architects, and more. Receive expert guidance for the best design and plants for your yard to bring your landscape dreams to life. 

designer marketplace

But why ServeScape? ServeScape launched in April 2020. Since then, we’ve completed over 3500 design orders. We’ve designed projects for Netflix & HGTV, NFL football stars, and people you have never heard of who just wanted to grow some joy in their lives.

Designers in the ServeScape Designer Marketplace are located throughout the  Metro-Atlanta and Athens area so you can pick one near your home. They also come from diverse levels of experience and training and can create beautiful designs for your home. Plus, many can tackle hardscapes, irrigation, and lighting. 

With landscape design, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Each designer also has specific interests in the landscape field, such as: 

  • native plants
  • pollinator gardens
  • edible gardens
  • cottage garden settings
  • traditional gardens
  • Japanese gardens 
  • And many more! 

Your designer is your guide to the perfect landscape. Once you’ve selected your designer, he or she will take you all the way through the design process, from inspiration, design plans, plant selection, and installation. 

How does it work?

Here’s how to get started with the ServeScape Designer Marketplace:

Step 1: Find the perfect designer.

Look at the designer profiles on to get to know them. Use this information to find the designer that is right for you and your design project. 

select designer

Here are a few ways to filter our designers:

  • Shop by style or specialty. Browse different designer styles and specialties, including Native, Urban, Woodland, and Modern. 
  • Search accreditations. Select from naturalists, landscape designers, or landscape architects to meet the needs of your landscape project. 
  • Review local expertise. Find a local designer (e.g., West Atlanta) who knows your neighborhood and what plants will thrive in your area. 

Click on each designer’s picture to read more about them. Skim their bio and specialization. 

Brendan Butler

Designer profile - Brendan Butler

You can also view their landscape design portfolio. 

Step 2: Pick a planting plan. 

Once you’ve found the perfect designer for you, click their profile and select “Add to Cart.” Also, select a desired date to meet with your designer. 

You’ll also need to choose your planting plan before checkout. ServeScape has several levels of design plans allowing you to just dip your toe into developing a landscape design plan with a 30-minute virtual consultation at just $75, all the way to a custom outdoor living package starting at $3,499.  

Whatever your needs and budget, ServeScape can guide you through creating a beautiful outdoor environment to enhance your home. 

Note: Instead of shopping by designer, you can also shop ServeScape design plans and consultations. We’ll then match you with a designer based on a questionnaire. 

Step 3: Tell us about your dream landscape. 

Once a design is purchased, ServeScape will send a project questionnaire to learn more about your landscape goals. The designer will want to know information such as  

  • how you like to use your yard 
  • if you have any specific problems to solve, such as privacy from neighbors
  • water issues (too much/not enough)
  • pest problems (deer/bunnies)

You’ll also be asked for other basic information, such as sun/shade, soil conditions, and the level of maintenance desired.

Step 4: Receive a customized, detailed plan and sketches.  

With your preferences and landscape needs in hand, your designer will create a detailed landscape plan with plant recommendations. 

design plan

Planting Plan by Carla Wertheimer

Some designers provide 3D renderings as a landscape plan add-on, while others offer beautiful sketches. You and your designer will work together to ensure the landscape design matches your landscape vision.  

Hint: Look through our designers’ portfolio for inspiration for your own landscape.  

Step 5: Purchase the plants & plant the plan. 

After the design is finished, you can select plants from the online ServeScape nursery that offers plants grown and cared for at Georgia farms, ensuring they are suited to the Atlanta climate and environmental conditions.

Finalize your order with your designer. ServeScape delivers the plants you purchased right to your door. You then have two options, depending on what planting plan you purchased:

  • DIY: Elect to have your designer at the delivery to explain the plant material and layout so you can plant the design yourself. 
  • ServeScape installation: Don’t want to get your fingers dirty? We can handle the installation of all your designs.


With ServeScape installation, you can also have the confidence that your plants are installed appropriately and will thrive for years to come. 

Why choose the Designer Marketplace?

One of the top benefits of shopping in a marketplace is that you can pick from a group of local designers in one central location – no stressful Google searches or hours of research involved. 

ServeScape has already done the work for you, selecting only the best landscape designers Atlanta has to offer. Here are more benefits:

  • Customize your plan to match your needs.
  • Work with designers who understand local conditions, soils, etc. 
  • Remove the stress of trying to design yourself.
  • The plants you purchase are local, which means you support local growers.

The Design Marketplace is also cost-effective. You receive professional consultations for a lower price. Regarding plants, the ServeScape prices are 15% lower, on average, than prices at retail nurseries and 5% lower than the big box store prices.  

Your dream landscape awaits

The Designer Marketplace is your one-stop shop for Atlanta landscape design. Begin your design journey today. Our Atlanta landscape designers can’t wait to work with you! Plus, receive 15% off design products when you use the code DESIGNJOY