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NutriStar Tree and Shrub Food

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NutriStar Tree and Shrub Food by Nelson Plant Food contains sulfur to provide conditions suitable for nutrition uptake. NutriStar Tree and Shrub Food contains two sources of iron, five sources of slow-release nitrogen, and feeds for 3-4 months.


Where to Use:


For trees and shrubs including but not limited to: ash, boxwood, cleyera, ground covers, monkey grass, mulberries, nankin, oaks, oleanders, pines, spires, viburnums, willows, yaupons


When to Use:


Apply NutriStar every three months beginning in April 


How to Use:

Trees/Shrubs in the Landscape bed: distribute 1/2 cup of NutriStar evenly over 10 square feet of surface area around the tree(s)/shrub(s). Water thoroughly.

Single Tree/Shrub: Make 1" holes, 6"-12" deep, 3' apart under the drip line. place one tablespoon of NutriStar in each hole and water thoroughly.

Transplanting: Mix 1 cup of NutriStar thoroughly into one cubic foot of planting media. Distribute the media at a minimum of four inches thick over the area to be planted. Place the tree(s)/shrub(s) and water thoroughly

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