Sustainable Christmas Trees Start with ServeScape

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it, the decision to purchase and decorate a live tree for Christmas. While a live Christmas tree adds an unmatched sense of holiday spirit to any home, it also comes at the expense of potential waste - particularly when the tree is tossed after December 25th. 

Each year, an estimated 33 to 36 million trees are grown and harvested for the Christmas season in the United States. While many choose to recycle their tree at a tree recycling center after Christmas, ServeScape offers an alternative, carbon-friendly solution.

A Sustainable Option for the Holiday Spirit

ServeScape, the Atlanta-based digital landscape marketplace, offers live Christmas trees that can be repurposed after the holiday. The trees can either be planted in a customer’s yard or donated to a local park. By doing this, customers can make a sustainable, carbon-positive purchasing decision this holiday season.

In order to provide their trees, ServeScape partners with local growers in the south. Unlike a big box store, ServeScape goes direct to the grower to get the healthiest trees at the best prices. Additionally, ServeScape offers easy, online ordering and home delivery of their tree collection to the greater Atlanta area, and most recently, down to both the Tallahassee, FL area and east to Greenville, SC. 

“This holiday season, ServeScape helps make purchasing and planting a live Christmas tree easier than ever,” said Mario Cambardella, CEO and Founder of ServeScape. “On our website, we offer a wide selection of live trees to choose from, as well as videos and resources on how to care of your tree and ultimately plant it.”

Another reason to use a sustainable Christmas tree? It puts you on the nice list with Stylish Santa.

“Sustainability is always in style,” said Stylish Santa. “This year, the ServeScape elves are helping me (Stylish Santa) deliver living Christmas trees!”

With the help of ServeScape and Santa, maintaining a live Christmas tree has never been easier.

ServeScape recommends 3 tips to ensure a successful, hydrated Christmas tree:

  1. Check the plant’s soil regularly and water it when it becomes dry to the touch
  2. Keep the tree away from heaters and vents to prevent the tree from drying out prematurely
  3. Keep a tray underneath the tree to prevent dirt and/or water touching the floor. 

By following these steps, customers will find they have a beautiful, fragrant live tree in their home. ServeScape Christmas trees can also be decorated with a Christmas tree skirt, lights and ornaments.

Once the holiday season is over, the trees can then be planted in a customer’s location of choice using organic compost around the roots. The planting of the tree, especially in one’s own yard, allows a live tree to be a holiday gift year round. 

ServeScape’s collections of live Christmas trees come in multiple varieties and sizes, ranging from 3 to 9 feet tall. Popular favorites include the Yoshino Japanese Cedar, Blue Point Juniper, the Green Giant Arborvitae and the Leyland Cypress. 

 Size Charts

Wondering how big your tree may be is a common question when you're buying by gallon rather than height, so here are some trusty charts that gives a quick look at the average size ranges of conifers by gallon size! 

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