Thriving Gardens Across the Spectrum: Mastering Hardiness Zones in the South

Hardiness zones are defined by the USDA and represent specific geographic areas where certain plant life is capable of growing, as determined by climatic conditions, particularly minimum winter temperatures. These zones help gardeners and growers determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location.

Hardiness Zones in Our Delivery Area

ServeScape delivers to a range of hardiness zones, including 7b, 8a-8b, and 9a. Each zone has its own unique climate profile, which influences the types of plants that can be grown successfully. For a detailed look at these zones and what they mean for your garden, check out our updated hardiness map blog: Understanding the Updated USDA Hardiness Zones and What It Means for Your Garden.

Making Adjustments for Your Zone

If you find a plant you love but your area is just outside its recommended zones, don't lose hope! Here are some tips to help you adjust*:

  • For Zones Too High (Colder)
      • Insulation: Use straw, leaves, or commercial mulch to insulate the ground and protect plant roots from freezing temperatures.
      • Microclimates: Take advantage of microclimates around your home, such as southern exposures or sheltered areas near walls, which can be warmer.
      • Container Gardening: Grow plants in containers that can be moved to protected areas during cold snaps.
  • For Zones Too Low (Warmer):
      • Watering Practices: Implement drip irrigation or soaker hoses to provide deep, consistent watering without overheating plant roots.
      • Reflective Mulches: Use light-colored mulches to reflect sunlight and keep the soil cooler.
      • Strategic Planting: Plant heat-sensitive varieties in locations where they will receive morning sun and afternoon shade, or use taller plants to provide natural shade.

     *these suggestions work typically within one zone difference outside their recommended zones

    Popular Cultivars Suited to Our Zones

    Here are some popular cultivars available on ServeScape that are well-suited to the zones within our delivery range:

    By understanding your zone and utilizing the right adjustments, you can create a lush, thriving garden that flourishes year-round. Happy planting, and remember, we're here to help you grow your dream garden.