A Sod Story: Now Launching ServeScape x NG Turf

Big news from ServeScape - we are so excited to announce our latest addition: SOD!

We've teamed up with NG Turf to bring you some amazing sod varieties. We've always been about delivering top-notch plants and landscaping goodies to your door. Our mission is to turn everyday spaces into jaw-dropping landscapes that are sure to wow everyone. With our new partnership, we're taking it to a whole new level! See our sod varieties below. 

Until August 31, get $500 off when you purchase six pallets or more (3000SF) with the promo code SOD. 

1. Sunbelt Blue Bluegrass Hybrid

Sunbelt Blue™ Bluegrass Hybrid


This type of sod is renowned for its resilience and adaptability to hot and sunny climates. This hybrid variety combines the desirable traits of traditional bluegrass with improved heat tolerance, making it an excellent choice for lawns and landscapes in the sunbelt regions.

It boasts a dense, lush appearance and can establish a beautiful, uniform turf even in challenging conditions, providing homeowners with a vibrant and appealing lawn year-round.

2. Southern Blue Bluegrass Sod 

Southern Blue™ Bluegrass Hybrid


This sod is specially cultivated for the southern regions, where warm temperatures and varying soil types can be demanding on lawns.

This variety of bluegrass is selected for its ability to withstand the stresses of the southern climate, including heat and drought. Its fine-textured, dense growth creates a picturesque lawn that remains lush and healthy with proper care, making it a popular choice for homeowners looking for a resilient and visually appealing turf.

3. TifTuf Certified Bermuda

TifTuf Certified Bermuda


The TifTuf Certified Bermuda is a highly sought-after Bermuda grass variety known for its exceptional drought tolerance and rapid establishment.

This grass type is engineered to be water-efficient, making it an eco-friendly option for homeowners and businesses alike. Its fine leaf texture and vibrant green color contribute to its aesthetic appeal, making TifTuf an excellent choice for sports fields, golf courses, and lawns where durability and beauty are paramount.

4. TifGrand Certified Bermuda 

TifGrand Certified Bermuda


This sod is a premium Bermuda grass variety recognized for its luxurious appearance and outstanding performance on golf courses and sports fields. The grass type boasts an exceptionally soft texture, providing a comfortable surface for both recreational activities and professional sports.

Its ability to thrive in full sun and high-traffic areas makes it an ideal choice for athletic fields, while its rich green color adds to the overall allure of any landscape.

5. Rebel Supreme Fescue 

Rebel Supreme Fescue


A top-tier fescue variety, the Rebel Supreme Fescue was engineered to excel in cooler climates and partial shade conditions. This grass type is prized for its strong resistance to disease and drought, ensuring a vibrant lawn with minimal maintenance.

Its fine blades and dense growth create a lush, luxurious appearance, making Rebel Supreme Fescue a popular choice for lawns, parks, and recreational areas in regions with temperate weather.

Why ServeScape? 

Wondering why you should choose ServeScape for all your sod needs?

  1. Quality: We've got our groove on with NGTurf to guarantee you get the finest sod rolls, free from any creepy crawlies or diseases.
  2. Expert Guidance: Our landscaping wizards are here to lend a hand, helping you pick the perfect sod for your specific spot.
  3. Sustainable Practices: We're all about keeping it green! Our sod comes from sustainable farming, keeping Mother Nature happy.
  4. Convenience: Ordering is a breeze! We'll get your chosen sod to your doorstep ASAP, so you can dive into your landscaping project right away.
  5. Transformative Landscapes: Our top-notch sod and landscaping know-how can transform your outdoor space into something out of a magazine.

Ready to learn more? Schedule a 15-minute sod consult with Samantha Mead. 

You can also check out ServeScape.com and browse the expanded range of sod offerings. ServeScape can take your landscaping dreams to the next level! Let's make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood.