Why Choose a Live Christmas Tree

The holiday season is upon us...

Time to hang up the lights, listen to a few holiday classics, and complete Christmas shopping. It’s also time to put up the tree. But should you select an artificial tree or a real one? And what size should you pick?

At ServeScape, we’re fans of planting holiday joy with live trees. Here are three top reasons why choosing a live Christmas tree is one of the best ways for you and your family to celebrate this holiday season. 

1. Live trees can be enjoyed after the holidays.

Live Christmas trees, like blue point junipers, are beautiful indoors during the holiday season. Bring your tree in for a couple of weeks, trim it up with lights, and add your favorite ornaments. 

ServeScape’s Live Christmas Trees come in several varieties and sizes (approx. 3’-9’). The larger varieties can be used as the primary household tree while smaller trees can help extend the Christmas spirit to other areas of the house, such as a bedroom, the kitchen, and the front porch. The smaller trees also make lovely holiday gifts.

The best part? Large and small trees are also sustainable. After the big day, take them outside to plant, adding organic compost around the roots to help them grow healthy and strong. You and your family can then enjoy watching the tree grow year after year.  



This tree adds value to your landscape. It also reminds your family of the amazing time you had together. If you don't have room in your own yard, consider donating it to your local park to keep the tree and holiday memories alive.

Here are many varieties of Georgia Grown Live Christmas Trees (both large and small)

The entire collection can be found here: Live Christmas Tree Collection

2. They offer a fresh, woody fragrance.

There’s a quality that artificial trees just can’t compete with -- and that’s the aroma of a live Christmas tree. Bring back memories of Christmas past with family or friends as the smell of your live Christmas tree drifts through your home.


Conifers have a fresh outdoor smell (unlike that plastic smell of artificial trees). Why? Live Christmas trees such as pines or firs produce terpenes. Terpenes are a class of molecules. These molecules give off a sharp and sweet Christmas tree scent.

3. Purchasing live trees supports local growers. 

When you buy a live tree, you support local Georgia growers.

As a member of the Georgia Grown program, ServeScape partners with local tree growers to deliver Live Christmas Trees to all metro Atlanta and Athens areas.

Each quality tree is selected by our expert team. There’s no big box store overhead here. We go directly to the grower so you get better plants at a better price. Plus, when you purchase locally, your tree is better suited to the soil conditions to thrive. 

How to care for a live Christmas tree

Once you have a live tree in your home, take steps to ensure that it thrives. Here are our top care tips for your live tree:  

  • Only water when dry (most conifers do not like to be overwatered).
  • Set up away from heaters or vents to avoid drying out branches. 
  • Make sure you have something like a tray or cork to protect your floor from dirt/water.

Each year, 25-30 million trees are cut down in support of a holiday that celebrates life! This holiday season, ServeScape would like to deliver a “Carbon Positive Christmas” to your home. Use CUTCARBON  for free delivery. To see if ServeScape delivers to your house, click here.

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