Picking Out A Design Plan

ServeScape Design Plan


You LOVE plants. You’ve discovered ServeScape’s vast online catalog of trees, shrubs, perennials, and groundcovers- and you’re ready to fill up your cart. They’ll be delivered to you within 7 days. You’re bursting with joy… but then the voice of your inner realist  (or your real life spouse) gently whispers, “where will you plant all of those?”

That’s a valid question. That conundrum is the reason why ServeScape launched a Design Studio one month after opening our doors.  The people had spoken- in kind of a bewildered and trembly voice “Where do I plant this?” and our response was, “We can draw you a picture!”

Okay, a planting plan is a little more complicated than that, but essentially that’s what we do in the Design Studio. Here’s how it works:

You confidently click on the Design Studio button at the top of our website

You get curious and click the Design Packages link

You select one package that suits the scope of your project

Once you’ve paid for it, one of our designers will contact you to make an appointment to meet you at your home or project site.


Design Studio

At the appointed time, a friendly and safely masked designer will arrive for a socially-distant meeting with you to interview you about what you’d like to accomplish in your garden. Notes and photos will be taken.

THEN the alchemy of paper, decades of experience, brains chock full of plant information, pencils of various colors, artistry and sheer nerdiness results in a diagram that shows you where to put each plant- and more!

Your designer will then schedule a video conference to show you your plan and explain all the details.

Just before your meeting you’ll receive a digital copy of your plan and a virtual shopping cart filled with all the plants that are specified.This is very helpful for three big reasons:

You’ll know the price of the plants

You can see images of each plant

Clicking on the name of each plant opens a window of information about it

Then that bewildered and trembling voice whispers again. “How will you plant all this?”

Don’t worry- we know people...