Bring the Masters to Your Own Backyard

Daydreaming about The Masters®? This golf course is one of a kind, with camellias and dogwood blooms off the 10th fairway, wild azaleas around every corner, and southern magnolias gracefully hanging above rolling grassy hills.

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or a plant enthusiast, let ServeScape bring the landscapes of the Augusta National Golf Club℠ into your own backyard. Here are a few of our favorites from the Amen Corner Backyard Collection.

1. Cherokee Princess Dogwood

Cherokee Princess Dogwood

Cherokee Princess Dogwood is a low-branching, small native deciduous tree. Its leaves are a dark green that turns rust-red in fall. The tree is also a heavy bloomer with large clusters of flowers with white brackets that bloom in early spring and attract butterflies, specialized bees, and songbirds.  

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2. Carolina Jessamine

Carolina Jessamine

Carolina Jessamine is a sprawling native evergreen climbing vine that can also be a ground cover. The shiny lance-like light green leaves can develop yellow or purple hues in winter. Trumpet-shaped bright yellow, fragrant flowers bloom from late winter to spring.  

It’s an early nectar source for hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. The dense growth provides shelter in winter.

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3. Encore® Autumn Sundance™ Azalea

Encore® Autumn Sundance™ Azalea

At Augusta National, beautiful azaleas bloom brilliantly on the 13th hole. Autumn Sundance Encore Azalea is a gorgeous evergreen azalea shrub with small dark green leaves that gain a red hue in winter.  

The large, three-inch deep fuchsia pink flowers bloom mid-spring and continue to re-bloom into fall. Azaleas are excellent pollination and butterfly attractors.

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4. Gumpo White Azalea

Gumpo White Azalea

Gumpo White Azalea is a late-blooming hybrid evergreen shrub with small leaves and large ruffled white flowers that begin to bloom in late spring to fall. Cold winters may freeze the flower buds and reduce bloom come spring, and leaves may experience winter burn.  

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5. Bracken's Brown Beauty Southern Magnolia

Bracken's Brown Beauty Southern Magnolia

There is perhaps no greater Southern staple than the magnolia tree. Bracken's Brown Beauty is a pyramidal evergreen tree with large 5-6” creamy white, fragrant, cup-shaped flowers that bloom in summer. The rich light green leaves have cinnamon-brown undersides. 

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This unique collection is designed to drive awareness to the flora found at Augusta National Golf Club℠. There’s truly something for every golf fan and plant enthusiast. 

Be sure to visit soon and turn your backyard into your very own Amen Corner®! For more information or to start ordering today, please visit – the digital marketplace for plants.