Featured Collections

As Seen on TV

This collection hightlights the plants used on HGTV's hit show, "Rock The Block" and Netflix's, "Renovation Impossible". Get the plants designers requested that made each show have that "wow" reveal!

TV Star Collection


Looking for thriving plants from custom soil mixes developed to ensure healthy roots? Check out our Monrovia Collection to view the care we take in pruning and shaping our plants as they grow, allowing them to grow into their healthiest state.

Monrovia Collection

Native Plants

Contribute to maintaining the biodiversity of our region by shopping our Native Plant Collection. Native plants require less water as they are adapted to our climate. Most Native plants prevent soil erosion as their roots often extend deep into the ground and provide organic matter to the soil.

Native Plants Collection

Pollinator Garden

Connect to protect with the Pollinator Garden Collection. Save the bees! By adding beautifully flowering perennials and annuals, we can help save mankind.

Pollinator Collection

Spring Bloomers

This collection provides a sensory garden where you are able to smell from a mile away. Browse through our Spring Bloomers Collection to find your fragrant colorful flowers.

Spring Bloomers Collection


Want no-fuss, easy-to-care-for plants delivered to your door? Shop our Varnish + Vine curated collection of cacti.
We’ve partnered with Atlanta’s best source for exclusive cactus cuttings to bring you a unique and beautiful plant that requires minimum effort.

V+V Collection

Family Favorites

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden Collection is for everyone that wants to invite the most beautiful creatures on these plants to their yard. Before investing in sugar water feeders, do more and create a lasting habitat.

Butterfly Garden Collection

Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Add some edible plants to your yard to save on your grocery bill!

Fruit & Berry Collection

Living Playground

This curated collection highlights the Children and Nature Network. Children and Nature Network is committed to the belief that nature makes kids healthier, happier, and smarter.

Living Playground Collection

Mother's Day

Brighten mom's smile with our perfect selection of gifts for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Collection