Tree Replacement

City of Chamblee

In order to maintain and promote the health, safety, and welfare of the community, cities have established regulations governing the preservation and replacement of trees.  Trees contribute to quality of life by producing oxygen, sequestering carbon, filtering pollutants from the air, cooling the environment through transpiration and the casting of shade, reducing stormwater runoff, filtering storm water and ground water, holding and building soil, reducing urban noise and glare, privacy screening, and providing habitat and food to other organisms.  Trees also increase property values and are a vital component of the visual quality of any city.

1. Removal Permit

A municipal tree removal permit is typically required for several reasons, which can vary depending on local regulations and policies. Violating tree removal regulations without the necessary permit may result in fines or penalties, so it's crucial to follow the local rules and obtain the appropriate permits when necessary.

2. Recompense Calculation

Municipal tree recompense calculations are used to determine the compensation or replacement requirements when trees are removed or damaged as part of development, construction, or other activities. These calculations are typically put in place to help mitigate the loss of trees and their associated environmental and community benefits.

3. Required Tree Plan

Municipal tree plans are comprehensive strategies for managing and sustaining the urban forest. They guide tree planting, maintenance, and removal efforts to strike a balance between development and the preservation of essential environmental and community benefits that trees provide. These plans help create more sustainable and livable urban environments for residents and future generations.

ISA Certified Arborist

Tim McDowell

Arboriculture is Tim's true passion. He received his certification from the International Society of Arboriculture and is also a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor.

Tim's Specialization:

  • Tim specializes in On-Site Consults, Tree Planting Plans, and Tree Risk Assessments.
  • Can provide one revision of your design with the purchase of a Tree Planting plan.
  • Detailed list of the trees included in your design.

Tree Protection Ordinance

After a rewrite of the City’s Tree Protection Ordinance that was introduced in 2021 failed to gain support, the Department of City Planning decided to take an incremental approach to updating the ordinance.

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Recommended Tree List

City of Chamblee's preferred/recommended tree list for recompense. We recommend selecting trees native to the Piedmont region, which includes Atlanta, before selecting non-native species wherever possible.

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Tree Removal Permit

To submit a tree removal permit, City of Chamblee requires an online application found here.

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Recommended Trees for City of Chamblee